Morning trail run: SmartWool shoot on Stringer’s Ridge

Hello world. Mark McKnight here. I’m a photographer by hobby, and sometimes profession. I’ve needed a place to keep my thoughts on photography and to share some of the experiences I’ve had in the field, so I’ve just started

I’m primarily an outdoor photographer, focused (because of my day job promoting great brands like Patagonia at Rock/Creek) on adventure sports like trail running, paddling, and road cycling. I am also passionate about architecture, art and culture, so there will be some of that included here as well.

For my first photo post, I’m sharing some images from a shoot last week that I did up at Stringer’s Ridge on the North Shore of downtown Chattanooga. Fynn Glover was the model, and this was for the SmartWool Outdoor Retailer trade show booth. The show’s coming up in early August so I’ll post a photo when I get over to the booth to see the final results. Fynn is a┬áco-founder with me and a couple others of

We went up to Stringer’s at about 7AM and it was already hot but the light was perfect, filtered through the trees and casting soft, golden shadows. I tried a few different things and found that the light through the dust was really beautiful, so I had Fynn run that section a few times and consciously drag his feet a bit. What do you think?


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